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Date: July 15, 2020
Best Payroll and Accounting Software for Small Business


The cloud-based online payroll service is designed with small businesses in mind. It automates your payroll while offering next or same-day direct deposit. The company’s pricing structure is a bit different from other payroll services on our list, but because your employees are technically employed by the PEO, this makes sense.


Jamie has written about a variety of B2B topics like finance, business funding options and accounting. She also writes about how businesses can grow through effective social media and email marketing strategies. The company’s employer of record service ensures that you stay compliant with the various employment laws in all the countries where you have workers. Papaya Global will even help you secure short-term or long-term work permits for employees outside their home countries. Paycor has four plans, each with a flat monthly base rate and per-employee fee. Paychex offers multiple payment methods for employees.

Don’t want to deal with Payroll Tax Filings?

No extra fees – runs multiple payrolls for a variety of employees and files payroll taxes in multiple states without additional fees. ADP Best Payroll Software for Large Business Request a quote. Many different plan levels for all size businesses that progressively offer more depending on your company size and needs. Namely Best Payroll Software for Mid-Size Business Request a quote. Most payroll software offers HR as an add-on, with Namely, it is an HR software too, so you get full HR management functions on top of payroll software. In our opinion, Gusto offers the best small-business payroll features for your buck.

  • Gusto eliminates critical human errors since you don’t have to enter data in several different apps and websites, but simply use one system to calculate deductions.
  • Also, the platform is known for its advanced payroll features that allow users to sync their employee productivity data, automate payroll computations, as well as prepare income tax returns.
  • It is a modular solution that allows customers to mix and match feature sets based on their business requirements.
  • It also comes with two-factor authentication for payroll admin users.
  • A pay period is the recurring length of time during which an employee’s wages are calculated for payment.

Gusto’s friendly design and full-service payroll system with HR features make it the best overall payroll software provider. ADP offers a strong list of payroll features, and if your business scales up, it has products for every stage of your growth. Paychex also ensures regulatory compliance and mitigating risk. It does this through a combination of self-service computer software for easier employee management, to personalized support to ensure you’re getting the help you need.

Compliance support

Pricing is keen too, with a free 30-day trial and the single tier pricing helps to keep things even simpler while still offering payroll, time tracking and a host of employee tools too. Payroll can be tackled with a full service payroll package option. If you plump for this package you can run Payroll and Patriot deals with the payroll taxes side of things. Opt for the cheaper basic payroll edition and you’ll need to handle payroll and payroll taxes yourself.

  • Through Wave Payroll, you can pay employees and contractors via direct deposit and automatically generate W-2 and 1099 forms for tax season.
  • Rippling offers remote laptop management and instant local tax registration, so you can manage staff no matter where they’re located.
  • The Elite plan from QuickBooks costs $125 per month, plus $10 per employee per month, and you’ll get 24/7 support, plus tax penalty protection.
  • Fortunately, affordable payroll systems are now available on the market.
  • All payroll software is made more helpful by accounting and time and attendance software integrations, and Rippling does that and much more.
  • It is possible to enjoy excellent payroll features and capabilities in payroll software for small business.

Performance https://quick-bookkeeping.net/ also ensures that employee development works in line with your business strategy. Payroll software is essential for any business with employees. Preference was given to software with built-in basic payroll reports and customization options. In terms of user feedback, many appreciate its user-friendly platform and efficient payroll and HR tools.

How Does A Payroll Service Work?

The system performs interactive reporting and financial analysis. With this, users can take a closer look at payroll data and perform more data-driven audits. Paylocity can be easily accessed via Android and iOS devices so users can process payrolls while on the go.

employee benefits

Most online payroll services charge a monthly base fee of $30 to $150 per month, plus per-employee fees of $5 to $15 per month. Deluxe’s Microsoft partnership means its services can be accessed via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This all-in-one solution is meant to simplify your business software needs via a single platform.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

15+ Free Business Tools See all other free business tools our team has created to help you grow and compete with the big guys. Paycor integrates with a variety of solutions, including Certify, Payfactors, Pay Solutions, ESR, WageWorks, and others. Paychex Flex offers pricing upon request and free demo. Papaya Global integrates with most financial tools, as well as with BambooHR, Expensify, NetSuite, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday. This is an aggregated rating for this tool including ratings from Crozdesk users and ratings from other sites. Clicks may earn a commission, which supports testing.

payroll solution

Justworks has a strong online reputation in regard to its customer support. It offers 24/7 support via phone, email, Slack, chat, or SMS. It also offers a lot of helpful content that might help your employees through any issues they’re having with the service.


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