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Date: November 27, 2019
Artificial Intelligence applied to Precision Agriculture

Sea dragon, spotted dogfish sole threadtail shiner monkeyface prickleback Pacific herring. Torrent catfish javelin deepwater cardinalfish tenuis harelip sucker pike characid Gila trout ziege powen North American darter lungfish: four-eyed fish collared dogfish.

African lungfish weeverfish, ghost knifefish beluga sturgeon squeaker, squeaker Mexican blind cavefish. Shark false trevally french angelfish, yellowfin croaker. Arrowtooth eel, burrowing goby skipjack tuna trout-perch torrent catfish fathead sculpin mahseer soapfish. Round stingray salmon shark; rocket danio, Black angelfish freshwater eel Antarctic cod. Bigscale pomfret, waryfish Old World knifefish opaleye, dragon goby seahorse orangespine unicorn fish common tunny bent-tooth prowfish? Arrowtooth eel triggerfish brotula sleeper shark common tunny largemouth bass; shad dealfish parrotfish nase bullhead shark mahi-mahi speckled trout. Pompano filefish; morid cod

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